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Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

MTA in Sydney and Queensland

Medium Term Accommodation is support with tasks of daily living provided either in one of our beautiful SDA properties or in the community for up to 90 days. Thrive365 provides MTA in Sydney and Queensland. Read on for more or get in touch.

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) is housing that you can stay in for up to 90 days. It might be an in-between solution if you’ve been in hospital or rehab and need some extra care before returning home.

NDIS MTA might also be a great way to see if Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) or Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider is a good match for you before you make a long term decision about where to live. 

Read more about what the NDIA has to say about Medium Term Accommodation here. and link to NDIS price guide where you can find more information about MTA here.

What makes our MTA special?

We work closely with your support team such as support workers, support coordinator, family or friends of your choice to make sure we get the right support model in place for you for your Medium Term Accommodation (MTA). Especially in this interim support, we will ensure your stay will feel safe and have you welcomed as if it is or will be your long-term home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medium term accommodation is one of the home and living supports the NDIA may fund. It’s funding for somewhere to live if you can’t move into your long term home because your disability supports aren’t ready.

Medium term accommodation isn’t a standalone support, and it is included in your plan as part of your other home and living support needs. Funding for medium term accommodation only covers the cost of the accommodation for the time you stay there and this generally covers a 90 day period.

To be eligible for medium term accommodation, you must meet all 3 of these criteria:

  1. You have a long term home you will move into after medium term accommodation.
  2. You can’t move into your long term home yet because your disability supports aren’t ready.
  3. You can’t stay in your current accommodation while you wait for your long term home.

The NDIA fund medium term accommodation for the number of days that meet the NDIS funding criteria. Check out the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for the maximum daily amount that will be included in your plan for medium term accommodation.

Read more about MTA here. If you have funding for MTA, it will be in your core budget. If you don’t have funding for MTA, ask your support coordinator, planner or LAC if you’re eligible. You may need a plan review if you’re agency or plan managed. Sometimes you can take it out of your core budget if you have enough funding there. For more information on MTA please visit the NDIS: Medium term accommodation | NDIS

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