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Positive behaviour support

Published on: Jan 21, 2021 at 23:23
Updated: Mar 27, 2023 at 14:40

Thrive365 offers positive behaviour support for adults with disabilities. We take a human rights-focused approach and work to increase our participants’ quality of life while also reducing the frequencies of the behaviours causing concern.

Our positive behaviour support programs work by:

  • Developing strategies to highlight a person’s strengths
  • Focusing on developing positive relationships with friends, housemates, family members and support staff.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Improving emotional coping skills.
  • Addressing environmental and emotional factors.
  • Determining the cause for the concerning behaviours.
  • Creating targeted strategies to reduce them.

The team at Thrive365 is qualified, certified, and brings years of experience working with people. We’re ready to create a strategy and program to fit you or your loved one’s needs and will ensure that they are comfortable during the entire process.

How you can Thrive with us:

  • We’re specialists in providing support to people with a disability that is high-quality, evidence-based support that drives real progress and results.
  • We use a holistic approach to support people.
  • Specialty skills for people with Autism of varying levels along with dual diagnosis, sensory processing, and functional communication support.
  • Service for adults with varying levels of behavioural support.

You can read more about NDIS and positive behaviour support here.

Get in touch to discuss your situation with us and see how we can help.