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All about Thrive365

Thrive365’s NDIS housing

Thrive365 is Australia’s leading Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider. We support people living in private and shared NDIS housing (including SDA, or Supported Disability Accommodation) across Sydney and South-East Queensland. Our staff are consistent, well trained, and have access to continuous professional development. Our residents live in Thrive365 properties long term because they feel safe, they feel at home, and are supported to live their lives on their own terms.

What are we proud of?

We know from research and from our decades of experience that when staff are consistent, disciplined, evidence-based, have a lifelong view of our approach and ongoing curiosity about residents’ developmental needs, that we see real outcomes. like
  • Improvements in our residents’ physical health, and slowing the progression of chronic health problems
  • Improvements in our residents’ ability to regulate their emotions and behaviours
  • Some of the long-term residents in our NDIS housing have recovered from illness and trauma in ways they and their doctors never dreamed would possible

What makes Thrive365 unique?

We train our staff to listen closely to people’s development needs. Our hope is that the education we provide and the culture we create internally impacts the disability workforce widely.While many other organisations provide SIL to subsidise other services, Thrive365 is committed only to seeing NDIS participants live their best home. We only provide NDIS housing services, nothing else, so we can focus on what we’re really passionate about and really good at.