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Helping our residents get out and about

Published on: Jan 29, 2021 at 03:32

The NDIS is still new and developing, and it needs participants and providers to do creative things with funding to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’ve done something really creative and exciting!

Some of our residents have been finding it challenging to get out of the house, and go and do things that make them happy.

We’re really good at SIL, and we don’t want to be doing community access – that’s what our residents’ core funding is for, and we love that they make different choices about what’s important to them separate to what they need at home.

To help support our residents to do things they love, stay well, and thrive in their lives, we’ve hired a community access coordinator. They work with Thrive365 residents to identify what makes them happy, where they can do those activities, and what they need to get going.

Our community access coordinator is NOT running those activities herself. She’s helping people connect with the activities they love, outside their homes, and feel confident about getting there.

We’re so excited to offer this support to our residents. It’s the kind of thing that support coordinators might be great at, but often don’t have time to do. It’s very much in line with our values (read more about them here). We think it will help everyone lead healthier, happier, fuller lives, and have great health and wellbeing outcomes.