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Meet Mitchell

Published on: Apr 6, 2021 at 01:58

Hi, my name is Mitchell and I am the new accommodation manager for Thrive 365’s two amazing properties here in Brisbane. That means I’m your go-to person for any questions you have about Thrive 365 in Queensland.

I have been on an exciting journey with Thrive 365 now for over 18 months, working across multiple properties in Sydney NSW.

I first began working in disability roughly three years ago. I started in the employment sector, assisting clients with disabilities to assess and build their capacity to achieve their goals of finding employment.

The reason I started working in disability is that in late 2019, my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness that completely disrupted and reshaped his level of functioning. That’s what really started me on this path. It’s what the importance of having great disability services represents to me and where my passion derives from.

Because of this unfortunate life event, I began to develop a deep level of passion to support others to regain and grow their life skills, to not only live the life that they choose but surpass expectations and Thrive!

The name of our organization Thrive, emulates the culture and our direction as a SIL provider. No matter who our residents are, their abilities and the obstacles we face, our focus will always be providing a high standard of care. I believe it should be founded on capacity building, achieving their goals, and thriving within their lives. That’s what I’m excited to create in Brisbane.

Contact me here and we can talk about Thrive 365’s services in Queensland.